How does a new species – like the human species – get created? Or is the species groomed from an evolutionary context and simply emerges from an organic soup?

First Animation of First Soul Carrier is a very critical event in the life of a planet. This corresponds to the creation myths that typically flourish in a species’ historical records. It is this invocation of soul consciousness into the physical and mental membrane of a life-bearing planet that initiates the species, and this process is always observed and often administered by representatives of the Central Race that are affiliated with Lyricus.

A life-bearing planet is carefully selected once it has proven itself supportive to advanced life forms. Then the soul carrier template is adjusted to operate within the environment. Once the soul carrier template is defined, experiments with incoming souls from Lyricus who are adept at occupying and operating multiple soul carriers simultaneously, are carried out. From this experimental data, any necessary adjustments are made and then and only then is First Animation initiated.

This basic process may be carried out on approximately 32.7 trillion planets within the 7th Superuniverse. When these materials are first published on a planet, and members of the species examine them, it is the scale of this number that typically stands out in the psyche of the individual. Following the discovery of the Grand Portal it is considered plausible. Only a small percentage of these life-bearing planets are currently supporting humanoid soul carrier templates, but these are the dominant soul carriers throughout the 7th superuniverse.

From its most formative stages as an experimental soul carrier, to its arrival as a unified consciousness devoted to the holographic truth of First Source, the hand of Lyricus unalterably leads the soul carrier species to the Grand Portal. Lyricus provides instructions for the individual, but only to the extent that a clear baseline is established that countermands the distortions endemic in the organized teachings of the soul carrier.

What is the process that Lyricus goes through to help a species in its evolutionary progression?

Lyricus initially brings the language and culture-building ingredients that enable a species to form stable, co-dependent, and cooperative communities. Next it brings the sciences and the formative language of mathematics, from which evolves the networks that connect the species across the planet. It is this step – the rise of the global network – in the evolutionary path of the species that signals its arrival to the summit of the Grand Portal.

The Grand Portal is the capstone event that a soul carrier species is designed to achieve as a collective species while occupying its home planet. If you distill the purpose of an individuated soul species to its basic goal, it is to transform or activate its soul carrier in order to access the soul consciousness of the individual, collective, and First Origin sources.

What exactly is a soul carrier and why is it seemingly so limited?

A soul carrier species is analogous to a mold that is cast from the original archetype of a species’ template, fitted to a specific vibratory environment, and then refined and evolved by the individuated consciousness of soul and the vibratory environment in which the soul carrier operates. These elements influence the soul carrier DNA over geologic time, and it is this evolution of the species that ultimately defines its purpose and determines the individuated consciousness that inhabits the soul carriers of the species.

Soul carriers are not infallible instruments of perception. They provide a fractional view into the vibratory worlds of the physical dimension, and a subjective view across all other dimensions of consciousness. The soul is not purposely thrust into limitation, but indeed these are natural occurrences that result from the vibrational density of a planetary environment. These limitations in capacity, coupled to the sophistication of the soul carrier template, can cause the soul’s influence to be dramatically diminished, and it is precisely this diminishment that causes the condition of the species to be less harmonious, and its efforts largely unsupportive of its spiritual objectives as a species.

The soul carrier template is designed to have an innate and undeniable urge to understand itself – not the consciousness of soul, but the physical, emotional, and mental aspects that sheath the soul. This primary misdirect is a necessary detour on the road to the Grand Portal discovery because the soul carrier is much more comprehensible to itself than is the individuated consciousness or soul that it carriers.

As the soul carrier strives to learn about its true identity, it begins to evolve its capacities to learn, conceptualize, create, and manifest new realities. These new realities begin to alter the vibrational density of its home planet and these in turn alter the soul carrier and its ability to perceive something of what it contains.

The pursuit of the soul carrier to know itself is very often confused with its quest of the individuated consciousness or its Creator. The confusion is understandable as the distinction can be exceptionally subtle. The rarified aspects of the soul carrier exist in the higher mind and DNA circuitry that travel in the nervous system of the soul carrier and activate or modify cellular consciousness, and these higher circuits of the soul carrier resolve in a fine mesh, co-mingling with the soul. It is at this level of First Interaction that the soul carrier and soul are nearly fused as a single entity of consciousness.

As the soul carrier slows in vibration to its densest form, which is its physical body, the individuated consciousness is not able to fully merge, and is actually repelled by the body’s electrochemical vibration. Thus, the body and emotions – the base vibrations of the soul carrier – are most often associated with the species, while the higher mind is often confused with the soul or God Fragment.

What is the distinction between the soul carrier and the species at large?

The species, by the definition of Lyricus, is the entirety of the soul carrier. The individuated consciousness is not a species, it is a God Fragment that operates within an apparatus of individuality that is, in a real sense, a meta soul carrier.

The species evolves; the soul experiences. The species discovers that it is a soul carrier; the soul discovers it is transcendent of all things of time, matter, and space. The species is born of an archetypal template; the soul is born of First Source. The species is part of a vast brotherhood of variation; the soul is one ocean of consciousness. The species enables exploration and expansion of the Superuniverse; the soul enables First Source exploration and expansion.

What is the definition of the soul?

The soul is literally a God Fragment that is composed of a hierarchy of capabilities and functionality that permit it to be simultaneously individuated and whole. As it enters the soul carrier at or near the physical birth, it begins to form a matrix of interaction with the soul carrier – testing the vibrational resistance of the soul carrier, as well as its zones of resonance. It is encoded in the soul carrier template that hearing, at least initially, is the most developed of the senses through which the soul can perceive the physical domain. Eventually, the eye-brain system emerges as the dominant portal of perception.

The physical world of dimension and time creates the separation of the world of soul and the world of the soul carrier. Because soul is a God Fragment, and the soul carrier is a representative outgrowth of both the species’ evolutionary trajectory and the original designs of the soul carrier template, they are fundamentally incompatible. Thus, the Central Race engineered an interface that serves to integrate the soul and soul carrier, and orient the collective known as the individuated consciousness.

The individuated consciousness consists of six, interconnected energy systems. They are:

1) Soul Carrier generally consists of 24 primary systems and four major elements: body, emotions, mind, and genetic mind. It is the soul carrier in the worlds of time and space that enables the soul to operate within the physical worlds of time, matter, and three-dimensional space.

2) Phantom Core is the super consciousness of the soul carrier. It is separate from the soul, and is considered the soul’s emissary to the natural world in which the soul carrier must interact. It is through this awareness that soul experiences the natural world of limitation and separation, drawing in the experiences that help it to build appreciation for the Grand Multiverse, the garment of First Source.

3) Sovereign Integral is a state of consciousness whereby the entity and all of its various forms of expression and perception are integrated as a conscious wholeness. The Sovereign Integral is the core identity of the individual. It is the gathering of all created experiences and all instinctive knowledge. This is the soul’s knowledge repository based on its collective, individual experiences within all dimensions and times since its creation as a unique consciousness.

4) Remnant Imprint is the impression of the Sovereign Integral as it penetrates into the soul carrier as a force of super consciousness. It is referred to as a ‘remnant’ only because it exists in the dimension of time and space, while the Sovereign Integral consciousness operates outside of three-dimensional time and space. The remnant imprint is the cast of energy bestowed by the Sovereign Integral to the soul carrier. It is precisely this energy that generates ideas and inspirations, making it possible for the voice of all that you are to surface into the worlds of time and space in which you are only a particle of your total being.

5) Wholeness Navigator guides the soul carrier to perceive fragmentary existence as a passageway into wholeness and unity. The Wholeness Navigator pursues wholeness and integration. It is the heart of the entity consciousness, shepherding the soul carrier and the soul to unify and operate as a single, sovereign being interconnected with all other beings. The Wholeness Navigator is the gravitational force that forms the purposeful clustering of Sovereign Integrals, reigning in sovereignty from the existential grasp of self-sufficiency.

6) Soul (entity consciousness) is, in the simplest of terms, a fragment of the Universal Spirit Consciousness of First Source. It is composed of a very refined and pure energy vibration that is equal to Source Intelligence (spirit). It is an immortal, living, coherent consciousness that is a replica of the energy of its Creator with the individual consciousness of a unique personality. It is the anchoring point of consciousness and is the subtlest of the energy systems of the individuated consciousness to perceive from the soul carrier perspective.

What is the Grand Portal?

The Grand Portal is the irrefutable scientific discovery of the individuated soul. It is this discovery that marks the transformation of the species as much as cosmic consciousness marks the transformation of the individual. There are multiple events that typically converge within a close proximity of time in order to prepare the species for this discovery. They are, in no particular order:

· Technology evolves to a distributed communication network that encompasses the planet.

· The smallest particles of the planetary environment are classified and their characteristics defined.

· The soul carrier consciousness must be classified apart from the soul and its component parts are understood.

· The knowledge system and the encoded data streams of Lyricus are translated and made available on the planetary communications network.

· Incarnating souls from Lyricus assume soul carrier status on the planet and are activated.

· The goal of achieving the Grand Portal is articulated and distributed to resonant groups of soul carriers who provide a stable collective consciousness.

· Architects of the Grand Portal assemble the knowledge structure necessary to capture and present the dimensional environment of the individuated consciousness.

Lyricus members know this discovery as the Grand Portal because it prepares the species for induction into the broader universe of sentient life that exists throughout the 7th Superuniverse in 11 primary dimensions.

The material or physical dimension constitutes one view into the Superuniverse. This is the view of astronomers and physicists as they seek to peer into the highest and deepest reaches of the physical universe. However, the universe is infinitely vaster than the species realizes up to the moment it uncovers the veil that has obscured the Grand Portal.

What is the science of multidimensional reality?

The science of multidimensional reality is the byproduct of the discovery of the Grand Portal, and it is this emerging science that will accelerate a species’ re-connection with its off-planetary purpose. As an individual soul departs from the soul carrier upon its death, so does a species depart from its planetary incubator as it begins to step through the Grand Portal and apply its holographic truth in the institutions of its society.

What is the purpose of the human species as a whole?

The Grand Portal is the extraordinary event that humanity is designed to achieve as a collective species while occupying its home planet. If you distill the purpose of a humanoid species to its basic goal, it is to transform or activate its soul carrier in order to access the soul consciousness of the individual, collective, and First Origin sources.

Humanity is like a vast river of consciousness that flows according to its collective will. This collective will is conditioned by First Source, the sovereign will of the individuated consciousness, and the master template of the soul carrier itself. Collectively these three elements converge and create the banks of the “river”, the topography of its journey, and the destination to which it flows.

Because the God-Fragment or soul is the highest vibratory frequency within the individuated consciousness, it compels the individuated consciousness to seek its creator. All members of the species have this intrinsic desire to reunite with their creator and the greater body of the created. It is only the soul carrier – the insoluble element of individuality – whose pretense of existentialism stands in silent opposition to the reunion of souls.

Because the soul carrier is largely guided by the emotions and mind, it is less sensitive to the urge of reunion. The social training of humanity exacted by its educational system and competing culture and media intensifies this insensitivity. The species, as a whole, is therefore listening to the urges of the soul carrier and its social conditioning above the instinctual call of the soul. The purpose of humanity is to the shift this focus, and this shift is best achieved through the Grand Portal because it provides the necessary proof that galvanizes an entire species, instead of devoted factions thereof.

Can you explain the concept of evil? Is it real?

The primary concern in the universe is not evil, but ignorance. When members of a species are in ignorance of their identity as an individuated consciousness, they are more easily manipulated and seduced by the temporal illusions of MEST (matter, energy, space, time). The MEST universe is the most exterial view of the multiverse, and those who identify with it as their true home are living in ignorance.

It is from this lack of knowledge that the concept of evil has propagated into an array of characters, energies, and motives. Evil, at its most distilled level, is merely partial awareness, and from this partial awareness, the soul carrier of any species is capable of behaviors that can be termed evil. Evil, as it pertains to a personality like First Source, does not exist. It is not a codified energy system or intelligence. It is a behavioral expression of ignorance and nothing more.

In this context, Lyricus is concerned with evil, but does not fear its power or impact because evil is not coordinated and coherent, unlike those who are aligned with First Source. Moreover, evil is in conflict with itself more than it is in conflict with First Source and its aligned expressions. In most instances, Lyricus looks upon the evil expressions of a species or one of its members with compassion, heightening our resolve to assist a species to the Grand Portal.

In Lyricus terminology, evil is resistance to the path of awareness – namely the Grand Portal. Resistance to the Grand Portal’s discovery and propagation is the primary outgrowth of uninformed entities that desire to retain the deceptions of their personal power, fearing that the enlightenment of the species will displace them. Evil lacks a root system that is fed from the depths of the individuated consciousness, and it is therefore easily eradicated once the individuated consciousness becomes the identity of the human species.